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Who Benefits from Using Social Media Marketing Software? Everyone

" Marketing technology company HipLogiq explains how its social media marketing software can accommodate the marketing needs of a range of business types."

Benefits from Using Social Media Marketing SoftwareSocial media marketing
Who Benefits from Using Social Media Marketing Software? Everyone

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Social media marketing is not just a passing fad, some experts suggest, it has in many ways usurped more traditional means of advertising when it comes to its power in attracting new prospects. Social media marketing is in essence the new word of mouth style of marketing that has long been essential to the sustainability of businesses of all types. Marketing technology company HipLogiq discusses the benefits of social media marketing and how platforms like its SocialCentiv software can help more small to medium sized businesses reap the rewards that used to only be accomplished with big brand advertising campaigns.

Who Benefits from Social Media Marketing?

The marketing technology experts of HipLogiq say practically anyone. Catering to small to mid-sized businesses, platforms like SocialCentiv help businesses engage more with prospects on the customer’s turf, which is regarded as the most effective means of connecting with their target audience.

About SocialCentiv

Says Christen Carter of the HipLogiq team, “If you have ever considered expanding your customer base through social media, SocialCentiv is just the tool you’re looking for… It takes the time and difficulty out of social media marketing.”

SocialCentiv enables users to find and connect with new prospective customers who are active on social networks. Carter further notes, “The software searches for real time conversations for social media users who are expressing the immediate need for a specific product or service with intent to purchase” and relays to them an offer. It then follows up with customers to incentivize them for sharing the offer. Individuals interested in learning more about how the program works can visit to create a free account to test drive the platform.

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